Resources For Game Development

Sebastian Lague YouTube Channel :

[Introduction to Game Development] [Blender Character Creation] [2D Platformer] [Procedural Landmass Generation] [Create a full game]

Tutorials for Unity and Blender and other interesting projects

Brackeys YouTube Channel :

[Making a Multiplayer Online FPS] [Unity 5 Primer] [How to make a Tower Defense Game] [Unity Tips & Tricks]

Tutorials for Unity encompassing broad topics and entire completed game projects in depth

Unity - Learn - Modules :

[Roll-a-ball] [Isometric Survival Shooter] [Best Practice Guides] [Unity Code Execution Order]

The offcial Unity tutorials were very clear and helpful for me when I started

/r/unity3d :

[Discord] [IRC Chat] [C# Cheat Sheet] [RPG Stat-system tutorial] [List of collected tutorials] [Blender to Unity help] [Melting shader] [Protect your game from being hacked]

Active online community specifically for Unity with with regular flow of good content

Alan Zucconi Text Tutorials :

[Evolutionary Computation] [Extension Methods In C#] [Impossible Geometry: Non-Euclidean Cubes] [Unity3D + Arduino]

Text tutorials for various intersting topics involving Unity

Catlike Coding Text Tutorials :

[Endless Racer] [Fractals] [Object Pools] [Shader Fundamentals] [Hexagonal Grid] [Noise] [Marching Squares]

Interesting math/shader based tutorials ranging from basic to advanced

Jay AnAm YouTube Channel :

[ZBrush Cartoon] [Blender Tutorials] [OpenToonz] [Blender Animations to Unity3D] [Blender and Krita 2D Animation]

Large variety of game development and art related tutorials involving Blender, Unity3D, ZBrush, Unreal Engine, Photoshop and Python (and more)

Makin' Stuff Look Good YouTube Channel :

[Overwatch: Winston's Barrier] [Hearthstone Golden Cards] [Pokémon Battle Transitions] [Zelda Wind Waker Particles]

Awesome set of tutorials focused on shaders and graphics inspired by popular and iconic visuals from video games

Stuart Spence YouTube Channel :

[Basic Portal Gun] [Jetpack & Fuel] [Trigonometry in Unity] [Generate a voxel sphere]

Unity tutorials specifically geared towards interesting game mechanics and modular scripts

Darrin Lile YouTube Channel :

[Basic Character] [Full Game Character Creation] [Full Game Environment Creation]

Excellent videos that teach you how to model, rig and texture assets in Blender and then import them into Unity :

[Realtime reflections in Unity] [OBS Tutorial] [How to use Visual Studio with Unity] [Simplest possible day night cycle in Unity 5]

A blog/compilation of interesting resources and tutorials for Unity3D and other general game development

3D Buzz :

[Simple 3rd person character system] [Advanced 3rd person character system]

Mix of free and paid tutorials for a variety of gamedev tools

envatotuts+ :

[Intro to Low Poly] [Low Poly T-Rex] [Blender Tutorials]

Large variety of tutorials I mostly liked the lowpoly ones for Blender

Derek Banas :

[C# Tutorial] [Git Tutorial] [Data Structures & Algorithms in Java] [Beginner C tutorial]

Large collection of comprehensive tutorials for general modern programming languages and tools

Quill18 YouTube Channel :

[Render Queues] [Multiplayer FPS] [Tower Defense]

Solid and expansive channel that has streams and comprehensive playlists for cool concepts in Unity3D

/r/gamedev :

[List of useful tools] [Free audio] [Advice for complete beginners] [Development Advice]

Good general gamedev community with many links to good resources

*This list is focused on the Unity3D game engine and other tools, NOT game development from scratch. More resources coming soon.

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